The worship of Augustus Caesar and the Fall of the American Empire

The worship of Augustus Caesar: derived from a study of coins, monuments, calendars, aeras, and astronomical and astrological cycles, the whole establishing a new chronology and survey of history and religion

Alexander Del Mar

“After striving in vain to uphold the tottering republic, Cicero lived long enough to perceive that the catastrophe was inevitable and that neither could he retard it, nor Caesar accelerate it. Rome was no longer a small commonwealth of free citizens, rendered more or less equal in rank by a substantial equality of fortune, attainments and political power. It had become a populous and unwieldy empire, composed of many conquered nations and tribes, differing in race, religion, language, history and degrees of social development. The republican constitution, which had sufficiently well fitted the infancy of this state, and which, had the state grown less rapidly, might have been gradually altered to suit its greatly altered manhood, was, under the circumstances, antequated and useless, as a means of repressing disorder, or preserving the peace.”

4 Responses to “The worship of Augustus Caesar and the Fall of the American Empire”

  1. Allen H Says:

    The US downfall started nearly a decade ago. 9/11, CIA and Israel, here:

  2. Dube Says:

    Yes, certainly we are the “new Rome,” perhaps even as prophesied in Scripture.

  3. downtownwalker Says:

    Interesting the depth to which the images of Augustus were morphed as it were into images of Christ. The mythologies of several very strong religions had been intertwining for millenia and came together to spin out a legend that exists to this day. Augustus was the last great pretender to the throne, although many lesser gods came before and after him. Christianity did not displace Augusanism, the body of Augustus was merely replaced by the body of Christ, with the new power of Salvator added to Caesar’s list.
    The writer couldn’t have known the the title of Caesar in its German form of Kaiser and Russian form of Czar continued to command respect well into the 20th century.

  4. Bottle Feeding Kittens Says:

    […] The worship of Augustus Caesar and the Fall of the American Empire « kropotkinoid […]

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